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Recommendation for BuildPenis Natural Penis Enlargement Program

doctor recommendation of build penis

Dr. David T. Wallace, MD
October 20, 2012

I have received a request from BuildPenis to review and give my professional opinion about their natural penis enlargement program. There are several reasons why I accepted to review BuildPenis program with great pleasure.

During my professional career, I have met a lot of patients concerned about their penis size and how it affects their sexual health, particularly their libido and performance.

Most of my male patients asked me to recommend a solution that would effectively increase their penis size. Also, my patients were worried about potential side effects, so they asked me to recommend only safe solutions. Through the years of my medical profession, I have had the opportunity to analyze several male enhancement products and different penis enlargement methods, learning pros and cons of each of them.

Most doctors recommend surgery as the only way of penis enlargement, but I’m reluctant about this method because this procedure is expensive, it may result in scar tissue, post-surgery infections, the erection pointing down and hairy penis base. Moreover, after the surgery patient must use weights or stretching devices for a few months to effect a permanent increase in penis size, which usually doesn’t exceed 1 inch.

Other methods, such as herbal pills and pumps are only effective for sexual performance and temporary male enhancement, but not for permanent penis enlargement.

doctor recommendation of build penis

.."medicaly proven"

Since BuildPenis program promises permanent penis enlargement in 100% natural and safe way, the first step in my review was to fully analyze how natural exercises used in BuildPenis program are. After I went through all exercises, I could say that BuildPenis program is 100% natural, because it doesn’t use any mechanical devices or chemical supplements. All exercises are being performed by using just hands.

My next step was to check safety of this program. BuildPenis exercises focus on two main chambers within penis that hold the blood during erection, medically known as Corpora Cavernosa. Techniques work like a natural pump, causing chambers’ tissue to enlarge over time. Enlarged chambers are able to accommodate more blood, which means that your penis grows. BuildPenis program revolutionizes the penis enlargement industry by completely eliminating the need for surgery. Moreover, it can be used without any medical supervision, in the comfort of your home, and it still can be an effective penis enlargement treatment.

Exercises explained in BuildPenis program will not cause any side effects and they are completely safe when used as instructed.

Using the BuildPenis enlargement techniques will help you gain length and girth proportionally. BuildPenis program can also be used to efficiently treat ED and correct penile curvature.

Having an inadequate penis often affects my male patients psychologically. They lack confidence and self-esteem, and they’re often insecure about their body and sexual performance. This may lead to either forced or unwanted celibacy, isolation and often to depression. Bigger penis size leads to better confidence and self-esteem, and this is another advantage of BuildPenis program.

I would recommend BuildPenis to all men who want to increase their penis size, improve sexual performance, stamina and libido, and finally who want more confidence and self-esteem in their sexual life. BuildPenis is natural, safe and efficient method to increase your penis size, your sexual performance and your confidence.

Yours sincerely, Dr David T. Wallace, MD